“There on the shores of the wilderness, where the earth and water dance together, there in the magnificent, the still and the remote, you will find us living and sharing our passion.”


“Fly dot fish specialises in creating, guiding and delivering unique fishing safaris in and around Southern Africa. Our safaris include an incredible 7 week safari tigerfishing in the Okavango Panhandle during the annual Barbel (or Catfish) Run from a private and remote mobile site in arguably the best location in the Okavango, Sepupa. Running from November to March every year, we have pioneered a beautiful site in of the Vaalhoek Conservation Area where we fish the Upper Gouritz River for smallmouth yellowfish and a variety of other freshwater species. In addition to these safaris, we offer unique saltwater flyfishing clinics on the Garden Route for Grunter, Garrick and others. We pride ourselves on being able to customise and arrange any private, mobile fishing experience and with our qualified guides / chefs, you can be assured of the following standards:

  • Private, remote and quality fishing.
  • Good, clean and comfortable accommodation in a mobile safari camp.
  • Great, wholesome homestyle meals.
  • Expert guiding and fishing advise as well fly tying assistance where required


Although the Fly dot fish background is in the fly-fishing industry specifically, our team and specialised guides are equally adept and familiar with fly and lure fishing. Fishing allows us the time to be a close spectator of nature, perfect a meditative art-form and share our knowledge and skills from years of exploring rivers, coastlines and wildlife spaces of Southern Africa. Fly dot fish is a holistic, guided approach to fishing characterized by our distinctive techniques and love for the sport. We ensure clients understand the ecology, feeding habits, and environment their quarry swims in. Our conservation and environmental ethos is beyond reproach which has enabled us exclusive entry to concessions around Southern Africa. Our guides have a deep appreciation for nature and enthusiastically share their vast knowledge and experience with the angler.

When it comes to fly-fishing specifically, Henkie epitomizes passion for fly fishing and the art of fly tying. His gentle, patient, demeanour is the perfect synergy for any fly fishing excursion. His endless pursuit to understand and mimic prey species to the smallest detail makes him a fly-tying extraordinaire and his flies can be fished with confidence in any of our waters. Henkie has over 20 years’ experience as a specialized fly fishing guide.